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ABC News President Kim Godwin Is Stepping Down

‘I have decided to retire from broadcast journalism,’ Godwin tells staff in email Sunday night


ABC News President Kim Godwin stepped down Sunday night, months after a corporate restructuring that effectively stripped away much of her management autonomy.

“I have decided to retire from broadcast journalism,” Godwin said in the email sent to staff Sunday night. “Anyone who’s passionate about what we do knows there’s no other business like it, so

Pecker says he wanted to keep tabloid’s agreement with Trump ‘as quiet as possible’

The National Enquirer’s former publisher says he pledged to be the “eyes and ears” of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, which led to an agreement to give the ex-president’s lawyer advance notice of negative stories that might torpedo his aspirations

Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker testified Tuesday that he offered to be the “eyes and ears” of Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign, a pledge that

Senior NPR editor resigns after accusing outlet of liberal bias

Uri Berliner wrote in an essay in The Free Press last week that NPR has an “absence of viewpoint diversity.”

An editor for National Public Radio resigned Wednesday just days after he inflamed the ongoing culture war about mainstream media with an essay about what he considers the news outlet’s liberal leanings.

Uri Berliner, who was a senior business editor, wrote an essay for the right-leaning online publication The Free

An A.I. Researcher Takes On Election Deepfakes

Oren Etzioni was once an optimist about artificial intelligence. Now, his nonprofit,, is offering tools for fighting A.I.-manipulated content.


On Tuesday, the organization released free tools for identifying digital disinformation, with a plan to put them in the hands of journalists, fact checkers and anyone else trying to figure out what is real online.

The networks say they strive for political balance. Even NBC News, whose MSNBC cable outlet appeals to liberals, has more than a dozen Republican contributors. Yet most of them — figures like former RNC chief Michael Steele, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes — either predate Trump in their active political work or oppose him, or both.

Finding someone with a MAGA pedigree has been more difficult.

“I have the space to really peel back those many layers of Beyoncé

Lesley Stahl Grills Jim Jordan on 60 Minutes Over Conservative Misinformation and the ‘Truth’

60 Minutes took aim at the threat of online misinformation — particularly from conservative voices on social media — and correspondent Lesley Stahl left Rep. Jim Jordan virtually speechless when pressing him on whether the 2020 election was stolen or not.

The segment served as something of a warning for misinformation ahead of the 2024 general election, and relied on the myriad of debates over truth

News agencies retract photo of royal family released by Kensington Palace after suspecting it was manipulated

News agencies suspect royal family photo from Kensington Palace was manipulated, retract it

Chris Cuomo, Tucker Carlson to sit for one-on-one conversation on NewsNation

Cable news host Chris Cuomo will broadcast a one-one-one conversation with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson that will air early next week on NewsNation.

The wide-ranging, one-on-one conversation between the two longtime media figures will air Monday, March 11, at 8 p.m. EDT.

During the conversation, the pair will discuss Carlson’s “departure from Fox News Media, the recent criticism he received for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Jan.

Oregon TV station apologizes after showing racist image during program highlighting good news


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A television station in Portland, Oregon, apologized Friday for inadvertently showing a racist image during a program aimed at highlighting positive stories.

KGW-TV displayed the image Thursday evening during “The Good Stuff,” which includes a “Throwback Thursday” segment sharing “cheesy, silly, or memorable” photos submitted by viewers.

“The image, seemingly from the 1950s, depicted children

Man awarded $25 million after Oklahoma newspaper mistakenly identified him as sports announcer who made racist comments

Jury finds Okawards man $25 million in

An Oklahoma jury awarded a man $25 million on Monday after finding the state’s largest newspaper defamed him when they mistakenly identified him as the announcer who made racist comments during a

The episode highlighted, once again, the disparity in support between Black-owned publications and their well-networked, white-led counterparts. Launched in 2017, The Beat raised $1 million in 2022 (which is $1 million more than most other Black-led newsrooms start with) while the Banner launched the same year with $50 million.

The way Simon lept to negative assumptions when the Beat’s Snowden benignly reached out to him, characterizing it as a “shakedown,” reflects the lack of trust that Black leaders commonly encounter

The new president of CBS News has been accused of using her clout to promote minorities while unfairly sidelining white journalists — a “woke” and “divisive” practice that sparked multiple employee complaints and a major internal probe in 2021, The Post has learned.

Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews — a 30-year veteran of the third-place network who took the helm in August after her boss Neeraj Khemlani left in a storm of controversy — also had been top deputy to ex-president David Rhodes,

The New York Times (NYT.N) sued OpenAI and Microsoft (MSFT.O) on Wednesday, accusing them of using millions of the newspaper’s articles without permission to help train chatbots to provide information to readers.

The Times said it is the first major U.S. media organization to sue OpenAI, creator of the popular artificial-intelligence platform ChatGPT, and Microsoft, an OpenAI investor and creator of the AI platform now known as Copilot, over copyright issues associated with its works.

Writers and others have also

Buffalo News hunkers down as hurt Jewish community digests antisemitic message

“The cover up is worse than the scandal itself.

Messages of anger, hurt and disbelief are falling on deaf ears at The Buffalo News in the aftermath of an antisemitic political cartoon published by the News last week.

The cartoon has led to loud cries from leadership in the Buffalo Jewish community and beyond and the only response from the News, so far, is that they’re aware of the

AI is Already in the Newsroom

That Sports Illustrated debacle is only the start of a massive disruption of the journalism industry

FOR JOURNALISTS WHO work — or used to work — at G/O Media, the disclaimer at the bottom of numerous articles on the company’s e-commerce site, The Inventory, offers an unsettling vision of the future: “This article was generated by an AI engine which may produce inaccurate information.”

That warning appears on every article credited to “The

The New York Times’ first director of AI signals key role the technology will play in news production


The New York Times on Tuesday announced the creation of a new newsroom position: editorial director of artificial intelligence initiatives. For the pioneering role, The NYT tapped Zach Seward, founding editor of the technology-focused outlet Quartz. Seward, The NYT said, will work to develop a plan and determine ways in which The Gray Lady can draw upon the powers of A.I.

According to a second person involved in the creation of the Sports Illustrated content who also asked to be kept anonymous, that’s because it’s not just the authors’ headshots that are AI-generated. At least some of the articles themselves, they said, were churned out using AI as well.

“The content is absolutely AI-generated,” the second source said, “no matter how much they say that it’s not.”

After we reached out with questions to the magazine’s publisher, The Arena Group, all

Several Washington Post staffers determined to highlight the richness of their Latino culture decided to share their personal experiences through short essays.

Sent from Mail for Windows

For the Chicago-based Investigative Project on Race and Equity, training the next generation matters as much as the reporting | Nieman Journalism Lab (


equity-focused investigative reporting

Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the country, kept that promise. But this year, the company has yet to release demographic breakdowns of its largest newsrooms, raising questions among some staf

Gannett hasn’t released demographic breakdowns of its largest newsrooms as promised, raising questions among staff

Often Dismissed, Sideline Reporters Now Deal With Fabrication Fallout

Charissa Thompson’s statement that she had made up reports during N.F.L. games on Fox left many of her counterparts aghast.

The Washington Post takes the “unusual step” of publishing graphic photos from mass shootings

The Post is not running the photos in print, and executive editor Sally Buzbee said digital format was key to creating a “very careful presentation” that “allows readers to make choices along the way.”

Could newsrooms publishing photos from mass shootings help stop them? The question has been asked before, but the deaths of 19 children and

BBC Apologizes Over Israel-Hamas War Misreporting After Anchor Falsely Claimed IDF ‘Targeted’ Medical Staff

The BBC has apologized after a news anchor misreported a Reuters news story to suggest the Israeli army was “targeting” medical staff.

The BBC newsreader, believed to be Monica Miller, a senior broadcast journalist and BBC anchor based in Singapore, was reading from a Reuters report when she twice stated the Israeli military was “targeting people including medical teams as well as Arab speakers” in Gaza’s

Fired Fox News Producer Sues After Questioning Election Coverage

Jason Donner, a former reporter and producer for Fox News, said in a lawsuit that he was fired last year after he complained about the network’s “false reporting on the ‘stolen election.’”

Donner, who worked for the Fox Corp. channel for 12 years, sued the network for wrongful dismissal in September in District of Columbia Superior Court. On Monday, Fox asked that the case be moved to federal court. The

Protesters at Dallas Morning News building decry Western media coverage of Israel-Hamas conflict

Hundreds of Dallas Palestinians and supporters gathered at a park across from The Dallas Morning News offices Thursday to call for more nuanced Western media coverage of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a militant group based in Gaza.

Palestinian advocates and supporters are accusing Western media outlets of spreading misinformation and mischaracterizing the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas militant group.

At a rally

Opinion: How not to cover Donald Trump’s bizarre 2024 campaign for president


The problem with the “Don’t amplify liars” argument is twofold. First, the press is no longer a gatekeeper of what people know; it’s more often an annotator of what they’ve already heard elsewhere. So not covering Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene or others in politics who say patently false things will not silence them. It will just leave them less examined.


How to cover the presidential

Horse race coverage prioritizes those in power, not the people the powerful are supposed to serve. The news it delivers can be superficial, and in some cases it can amount to misinformation if its effect is to legitimize objectionable campaigns or distract from crucial facts.

That’s why in Newsline’s election coverage, we’re demoting the horse race and elevating constituent interests.

NEW YORK (AP) — The departure of Rupert Murdoch as the leader of Fox’s parent company and his News Corp. media holdings after decades at the helm is unlikely to have as much of an impact on conservative media overall as it would have a decade ago.

That’s because the landscape in general is increasingly fractured, experts said. With a growing number of digital media sources available to them, right-leaning audiences have plenty of options for getting news, opinion and

Tucker Carlson abandons journalistic ethics to push conspiracy theory about Obama

When he wants to be, Tucker Carlson can be one of the most engaging, difficult, and critical interviewers in all of news media. But since taking his show independent, Carlson has repeatedly published, to audiences of tens of millions of trusting viewers, weak interviews that uncritically parrot unlikely narratives from uncredible individuals.

The latest such interview features a man, Larry Sinclair, who says he did drugs and had sex

Protesters at Dallas Morning News building decry Western media coverage of Israel-Hamas conflict

Palestinian advocates and supporters are accusing Western media outlets of spreading misinformation and mischaracterizing the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas militant group.

At a rally in downtown Dallas Thursday, hundreds gathered at Main Street Garden Park across the street from The Dallas Morning News’ offices on Commerce Street. Speakers at the protest said coverage of the conflict has contributed to discrimination of Palestinians around the

4 in 5 Black adults see racist depictions in the news either often or sometimes, says new study

NEW YORK (AP) — In a new study, Black Americans expressed broad concerns about how they are depicted in the news media, with majorities saying they see racist or negative depictions and a lack of effort to cover broad segments of their community.

Four in five Black adults say they see racist or racially insensitive depictions of their race in the

Darren Nichols: Detroit News’ Anniversary Story On Sports Department Failed To Mention Contributions Of Black Writers

That’s what made his lack of inclusion sting in a recent Detroit News article titled, “These News sports reporters, columnists made an impact over 150 years.” It was a birthday party, but apparently some Black guests weren’t there to blow out the candles.

Back in the 70’s, the coaches knew Black folks weren’t invited to those spaces so Keith was let in. Nearly

A crackdown on ‘woke’ coverage is tearing Atlanta magazine apart

The publisher pushed back on their effort to present a modern picture of life in one of the Blackest, queerest cities in the South, calling it ‘divisive.’ Now, half the staff has quit.

Staffers saw the interference as an egregious crackdown on coverage that management deems as too “progressive”— at a time when they are resolved to reflect the evolving reality of Atlanta, one of the Blackest, queerest cities in

Wendy McMahon Named Sole Leader Of CBS News And Stations, Will Also Oversee Domestic Syndication

Wendy McMahon will take on sole duties leading CBS News and stations while adding oversight of the network’s domestic syndication business.

Her title will be president and CEO of CBS News and Stations and CBS Media Ventures. The appointment follows the announcement on Sunday that Neeraj Khemlani would step down from CBS News leadership and take a production deal with the network. He and McMahon

Gannett sued by ex-employees alleging diversity goals discriminated against white workers


Gannett, the largest US newspaper publisher, is facing a lawsuit claiming its efforts to diversify newsrooms led to discrimination against white workers.

The proposed class action was filed in Virginia federal court on Friday by five current and former Gannett employees who say they were fired or passed over for promotions to make room for less-qualified women and minorities.

The plaintiffs say those decisions were driven by a

Top Texas A&M officials were involved in botched recruiting of journalism professor, who will receive $1 million settlement

Texas A&M reaches $1M settlement over botched hire of Kathleen McElroy

The Texas A&M University System reached a $1 million settlement with Kathleen McElroy and made a public admission that then-President M. Katherine Banks derailed the potential journalism director’s hiring after alumni, including a conservative-leaning group called The Rudder Association, voiced concerns about McElroy’s experience in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The system’s

How Journalists Can Responsibly Report on Transgender Athletes

A “mistake I see often is in the framing — rather than centering the perspective of the

Newsmax recently began running on-air fundraising appeals for the legal defense of disgraced Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. But not only is the network urging viewers to help Giuliani — it appears to be also running his donation website directly and collecting the checks on his behalf.

Like former President Donald Trump and over a dozen of his alleged co-conspirators, Giuliani was arrested in Fulton County, Georgia, late last month on multiple charges related to Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020

Newspaper chain Gannett has paused the use of an artificial intelligence tool to write high school sports dispatches after the technology made several major flubs in articles in at least one of its papers.

Several high school sports reports written by an AI service called LedeAI and published by the Columbus Dispatch earlier this month went viral on social media this week — and not in a good way.

In one notable example, preserved by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

Carlee Russell investigation helps highlight concerning trend of missing people of color

The Black & Missing Foundation says amid the investigation into the Carlee Russell case, there’s more awareness on the alarming rate of missing Black people.

A pro-Ron DeSantis ad used AI to recreate Donald Trump’s voice. Experts say it won’t be the last.

The Never Back Down PAC took Trump’s words and used artificial intelligence to create audio of a Trump-like voice reading them.

Moms for Liberty’s media training session was a warning to the press

Moms for Liberty, the extremist group claiming to know what’s best for America’s kids, is apparently focusing on becoming more media-savvy.