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Deggans: CNN should ‘call out prejudice and stereotypes,’ avoid false equivalence as way to appear apolitical

A plea to CNN: NPR’s Deggans suggests network avoid use of false equivalence as a way to appear apolitical

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Brian Stelter to exit CNN; ‘Reliable Sources’ canceled in first major programming decision of CEO Chris Licht

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Jim Angell, press freedom advocate who dedicated his life to helping Wyoming journalists, dies at age 64

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Op-ed writer challenges newspaper’s decision to inform readers of past crime

Steve Schulz’s social life often led him to downtown Minneapolis, where he’d attend ball games, go to the theater or just have drinks with friends. Since he was there so much, he decided to sell his house in the suburbs and get an apartment downtown, where he could walk to his favorite hangouts.

Shortly after he arrived in 2019, the coronavirus shut down the city and police killed George Floyd, leading to numerous downtown protests, some of them ending with

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Hicks: Palin case dismissal comes with a reminder of vulnerability

Both the jury and judge who considered Sarah Palin’s libel lawsuit against The New York Times concluded she did not prove her case. That means news shops will continue to enjoy the high legal standard that’s rarely met by plaintiffs attempting to prove libel.  Read Story

Beyond the Zucker headlines, another ethics issue

Jeff Zucker’s departure from the network he led has been big news.

But media executives and newsroom managers who strive to produce journalism with high ethical standards should take note of a passing detail in the events at CNN that preceded his leaving. 

CNN guidance that would have prevented former host Chris Cuomo from interviewing his brother, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was waived during the early days of the pandemic, apparently with Zucker’s support. 

Zucker resigned Feb. 2, saying

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Blair admits ethics misdeeds but would do it ‘all over again’ for lessons learned

In the 18 years since Jayson Blair was caught plagiarizing and fabricating his way through stories he wrote for The New York Times, public awareness of journalistic missteps has increased and the need for journalists to consistently adhere to high ethical standards has become even more critical. Read Story

Reporter wanted to tell Indigenous stories, so she created a new beat — twice

Growing up on the Navajo Nation, Shondiin Silversmith could pick up a local newspaper and read stories about her community. But as soon as she left the 27,000 square miles of Navajoland, she stopped seeing herself reflected in newspapers, even in bordering cities like Flagstaff, Arizona. Read Story


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